"Come to Life"  Original Animal Chainsaw Art By

Welcome to the home of chainsaw artist, Sean the "CHAINSAW BEARCARVER" Young. Feast your eyes on, in my opinion, the most creative chainsaw carved art work you will ever see. Our chainsaw artist, Sean, has been creating his chainsaw carved art pieces for over 15 years. When Sean first started carving his pieces of chainsaw animal art, he took a special liking to Bears. He carved bears for many days and many nights . . . Soon quite a few of Sean Young's bears began popping up all over the small town of Idyllwild. They were seen in many of the town's businesses, sitting on porch's, sleeping on roofs, and playing in the yards of Sean's neighbors and towns folk. Today, Sean's chainsaw carved pieces can be found throughout the local area of Idyllwild and beyond. He has been commissioned to carve the mascot for many schools and businesses. His love of carving Bears and his commitment to this art form, has earned Sean the nickname, the "Chainsaw BEARCARVER". Sean's attention to detail and natural artistic ability, both play a part in transforming a dead or dying tree into a unique animal carving that magically "comes to life" with charm and emotion. These are not scary beasts . . . oh no, these carvings are, fun loving . . . happy-go-lucky, characters that surely beg you to take another look. You may even feel like running up to one . . . and give 'em a big ol' Bear Hug! Sean the "Chainsaw BEARCARVER" has put together a collection of chainsaw carved animal art, including BEARS, that are some of his fan favorites. Each carving is hand carved by Sean himself! Since these are hand carved, no two pieces are exactly the same. This makes each and every chainsaw carved work of art an artist's original. These artist's original chainsaw carved works of art can do a whole bunch of exciting and clever things for their owners . . . They can give you a helping hand, point the way to something, brag for you about something, or just plain ol' entertain you. Almost everyone who sees one of Sean's life size BEAR carvings, wants to run up to it and pose next to it waiting patiently to have their picture taken standing alongside that friendly Ol' Bear. Can you beleive it?  

Sean really loves his fans almost as much as he loves carving bears. He loves and truly appreciates his fans so much, he has agreed to personalize any Bear carving, (up to 30 characters including spaces), absolutly FREE! Sean just loves a challenge, so he's asked me to invite you to contact him with your special project, custom order, or other personal ideas for your carving. Sean can carve just about anything, out of a dead or dying tree, that you can think of.  He'll take that dead or dying tree and give it new life with one of his unique chainsaw carving works of art. If you have a dead or dying tree that needs to be removed, you may be able to save your beloved tree by having Sean come and carve it into a beautiful work of art. Let Sean the "Chainsaw Bearcarver" Young create a unique carving that will be tailored to your specific needs. He will come to where your tree is and carve your exclusive work of art. That's like killing two birds with one stone! You saved your dying beloved tree, and transformed it into beautiful work of art that you, and your loved ones, will enjoy for many generations. Sean is always available to come to your location or your event to put on a carving demonstration in person. This is a great service for schools, clubs, organizations, businesses, events, shows, or any other reason you can think of.  Just drop Sean an  email  and he will get the ball... or should I say ... LOG rolling! When browsing our site if you like what you see . . . Help us out and remember to " like us on Facebook ", send all of your friends " Tweets on Twitter ", and add us to your " Circle of friends on Google+ ". Sean's main goal is to make chainsaw carved art affordable to everyone so more people will be able to enjoy this wonderful creative art form.

Don't forget to check out the Bears Den Carving Gallery, where you will find a picture gallery containing a small sampling of Sean the "Chainsaw BearCarver's" carvings, including BEARS!

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